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In 2001, the old Post Office had to close.  It had been a part time facility in a small room within the local pub and the thought of losing this valuable facility inspired the community to come together with a common aim - to retain the facility for the benefit of the wider community.

A public meeting in the Village Hall was well attended, in fact the people overflowed to the car park.  The MP at the time, hosted the meeting and used a flip chart to record the many thoughts shared at the meeting.

Everyone supported a project to retain a post office in the Parish, and many wanted the facility to do much more, including a shop.

The Parish Council was aware of a site at the entrance to the village and had a brief discussion with the landowner.  He wanted to build 15 homes on the land but planning permission had been refused

With some negotiation, a partnership was formed and an application submitted that would provide 5 executive detached homes and one detached building available to be used as a Community Facility.

Further meetings took place and other partners were identified:

Wrekin Housing Trust

Post Office Counters

Telford & Wrekin Council

Telford College of Arts & Technology

Harper Adams University

A Steering Group was formed and a project plan created.  Financial contributions were available from the partners.  However, there was a short fall.  Our MP and Local Councillor applied for funding from The Countryside Agency and Waters Upton Parish Centre was to be built as a Pilot Project for Co-Location, bringing services to the community on one site in the rural area.

In 2003, the building was officially opened.



Waters Upton Parish Council owns the building known as Waters Upton Parish Centre which is in Upton Stones, Waters Upton and on the A442.

Within the building is a shop and post office and community offices.

The shop is open 7 days a week and the Post Office operates from 9am until 1pm Monday to Friday and until 12 noon on a Saturday, but is closed on a Wednesday.

The community offices are available to hire and can be used to bring services to the community.  It has been used as a hairdressers, appointments can be available with a solicitor or accountant.  

We would like to offer classes to the community - maybe in art or craft, IT or photography.

If you have any ideas please contact the Parish Council.

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