Waters Upton Parish Council

Councillors and Clerk

Waters Upton Parish Councillors are elected for a four-year term of office. Should a vacancy occur mid-term, and no election is called by residents of the Parish, the Parish Council can co-opt to fill this vacancy. We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to get involved with the Parish Council and the work we do. If anyone else is interested in being co-opted please contact the Parish Clerk.

Each Parish Councillor, at the time of their election or co-option reads and signs a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and completes a Register of Interest.

Parish Councillors

Councillor Huw Roberts, Chairman
Councillor Huw Roberts
01952 541715
Email Councillor Huw Roberts
Twin Oaks, Waters Upton, TELFORD, TF6 6NP
Councillor Terry Revitt, Vice Chairman
Councillor Terry Revitt
Vice Chairman
07535 116459 (preferred)
01952 540942 (alternative)
Email Councillor Terry Revitt
10 East View, Waters Upton, Telford, TF6 6NS
Councillor Kate Hamilton, Councillor
Councillor Kate Hamilton
07868 995970
Email Councillor Kate Hamilton
The Mill House, Great Bolas, Telford, TF6 6PQ
Councillor Jonathan Quin, Councillor
Councillor Jonathan Quin
01952 541623
Email Councillor Jonathan Quin
35 Waters Upton, Telford, TF6 6NZ
Councillor Bryan Rothwell, Councillor
Councillor Bryan Rothwell
07850 402904
Email Councillor Bryan Rothwell
4 Meeson, Telford, TF6 6PF
Councillor Emma Thomas, Councillor
Councillor Emma Thomas
07772 527606
Email Councillor Emma Thomas
Lower House Farm, Waters Upton, Telford, TF6 6PB

Parish Clerk

Katrina Baker MBE, Clerk to the Council
Katrina Baker MBE
Clerk to the Council
07813 788094 (preferred)
01952 541939 (alternative)
Email Katrina Baker MBE
Oaklands, Waters Upton, Telford, TF6 6NP
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